Marley Twists

Marley twists is a Natastic favorite which is a lightweight version to Senegalese twists and a healthy alternative. You can customize it with length and volume also add color to spice it up. Rock with a high bun or swept to the side with a haute updo.

Box Braids

Yes the original individual braids box braids or as a lot may know as singles. The style is effortlessly gorgeous and perfect for fall and summer styles. Rock it in a high bun or down flowing flawlessly. Box braids are customized with length and size. The style is done with care and expertise.

Mini Retro Twists

A more daring and sexy you. Mini retro twists are a mini version of Retro twists that create the perfect natural curls. I like to think of this hair as a ballerina in the wild. Tamed yet wild. It also is a customizable style that you can customize through volume, length and color.


A Natastic favorite kynks give you a temporary twists out that can last 6-8 weeks with the proper care and maintenance. Yes with our Natastic kit. Kynks are customizable with length, volume and color. When booking Kynks it’s a two step process in which you will set your twists to get the desired defined twists in which you’ll discuss with stylist. This style can be funky and wild or tamed and styled with easy updo techniques. Natastic is founder Fatima signature style. Check out her amazing pics with the style.

Mini Nomadik Twists

Just like natural Mini nomadik twists gives you the smaller version of nomadik twists for those of you who would like more volume and smaller twists. The hair is till light and flowy. Ensures healthy hair growth.

Faux Locs

Faux locs are the instant loc without having to grow them out. In a matter of hours have beautiful looking locs done with care and expertise. Faux locs can be worn down or create flawless updo styles. They are customized through length, size and color. Done with a natural finished look.


Retro Twists

A simple classy more revolutionary  twist on the infamous kinky twists. With a touch of Natastic our retro twists are a light and manageable for the everyday woman. Retro twists are customized through length,volume and hair color. Dare to wear it wild or tamed, if you’re jazzy create flawless styles and updos in minutes.

Nomadik Twists

Nomadik twists are twists that resemble your natural hair twists. They can be done long, full more dramatic look or long with the right volume and layers to create a more natural look. They are super light and flowy you won’t even realize that it’s there. The hair is so lightweight that your own natural hair is protected fully and promote thick healthy hair growth.